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EcoResults! is a new environmental organization with a new approach.

EcoResults! rewards people for restoring and sustaining the natural environment–for sustaining open space, restoring ecosystem function, healing watersheds, bringing endangered species back from the brink of extinction, and more.

Success Stories

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General Information
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Revegetating Mined-out Lands
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From Mine Waste to Grassland
Date Creek icon
Restoring a Desert Oasis
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The Healthiest Riparian Area in North America?
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Restoring a Desert River

Are Humans Important to Nature?
Very Important!

In his new book, Gardeners of Eden: Rediscovering OurImportance to Nature, environmental writer Dan Dagget reveals how humans were responsible for creating some of the most outstanding of the Earth’s “ natural” habitats—the Amazon and the Great Bison Plains of North America. And then he tells us how some of us still are creating Edens in theAmerican West.

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