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Beyond Conflict to Effectiveness

EcoResults! was formed to promote the use of collaborative methods in our efforts to live sustainably and abundantly on the Earth.

Collaboration means working together to achieve a goal. It also means achieving our goals by combining our passion, energy, creativity, and resources rather than wasting them blaming, fighting, and waging political campaigns against one another.

Collaborative specialists tell us that people are much more likely to find common ground if they focus on what they want rather than on what they want to do. When we try to get someone else to do what we want them to do, their first reaction is to resist. And when it comes to deciding how to do something–anything, how to lose weight, how to heal an injured back, the best way to brush our teeth–it's very difficult to get as few as two people to agree. However, when it comes to what we want, and especially what we want environmentally, there are a lot of things we agree on. For instance, most of us want clean air, clean water, abundant wildlife, lots of open space, beautiful scenery... How many people do you know who don't want those things?

In spite of this, when we make decisions about the environment, we start right off arguing about what we want to do: Designate more wilderness versus keep those lands open to motorized access. Stop urban sprawl versus let people live where they want to. In the heat of these arguments we totally ignore the very significant fact that many of us who are fighting want the same things and get so involved in fighting that we start measuring success in terms of of elections won and lawsuits won, and we forget all about whether or not what we’re doing is getting the results we want on the ground.

EcoResults! is designed to remind us that we do want many of the same things with regard to the environment, and that we can be most effective at getting those same things by working together. It is designed to achieve that end by measuring success in terms of green and growing grass, plentiful wildlife, species multiplying themselves back from the brink of extinction, etc. When we make those goals primary, working together comes naturally and easily. In fact, we soon discover that it's almost impossible to get what we want in any other way.

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