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About EcoResults!

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EcoResults! empowers you to help expand successes such as...

  • Make some of the West’s most beautiful open space and irreplaceable wildlife habitat economically and ecologically sustainable.

  • Restore function to dysfunctional, eroding watersheds so they absorb more rainfall and release it slowly into the environment yielding clean streams that nourish lush riparian areas that support plentiful and diverse populations of wildlife.

  • Provide endangered species with habitat healthy enough that they can multiply their way back from the brink of extinction.

  • Heal the scars caused by harmful methods of mining, overgrazing, farming and other types of mismanagement.

  • Make the management of landscapes for ecosystem health and open space a source of wealth and sustainability for rural communities so those communities find it less necessary to convert open space into subdivisions and sprawl.

  • Promote collaboration and community among rural and urban peoples by bringing them together to work toward common goals rather than setting them against one another in battles over control and compliance.

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