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Applying the most powerful solution

The grass covering these mine tailings was grown there by applying the most powerful solution–rewarding someone for doing it.

EcoResults! enables you to leverage your environmental involvement with the most powerful results-getting tool humans have yet devised - rewarding people for for healing, restoring, and sustaining ecosystems.

If we want beans, we buy them. In other words, we reward someone for producing them. We use this approach because we have found that it generally gets us more and better of what we want than any other approach. Since the inception of the environmental movement, environmental organizations have relied on laws, regulations, and enforcement as a means to get environmental results. A number of countries have tried that approach to get beans and other things. In every case, it has failed to match the success of economies based on reward.

EcoResults! adds this most powerful results-getting tool to our environmental toolbox. It does so by providing those of us who want Western ecosystems restored to a state of health and function a means to support the rural stewards who produce that result. Currently, restoration management by rural stewards is funded partially or wholly by money earned from commodity production. Some ranchers have been able to support their environmental stewardship by marketing it as a value added onto commodity sales. Examples of this are predator-friendly wool, "green" beef, etc.. Although these niche markets are expanding, in a price-driven market, they are proving too limited to support the full scope of the demand for environmental restoration and sustainable stewardship in the contemporary West. EcoResults! adds another means of support for rural stewards who produce healthy ecosystems. In this way EcoResults! ensures that more of the American West will be managed in a restorative and sustainable way.

EcoResults! will expand the marketplace for restoration stewardship by providing a means for land stewards to gain support for the environmental value they create from contributions, grants, and sponsorships directly from the people who demand it. The result will be more restorative and more sustainable management of ecosystems throughout the West.

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